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Dr. Zobel has been my eye doctor for over 35 years. During that time my vision has gotten worse but Dr. Zobel has just gotten better. I enjoy the fact that I can get all my vision needs in one place. My children, my mother and my husband are also patients of Dr. Zobel. I recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks Dr.Zobel for your consistent care and patience in all things. You are the best. Kathy A.

(Kathleen A., 255 days ago)

The staff is super friendly and answered all my questions. Dr. Zobel is a great doctor. I will be a returning patient.

(Anonymous, 1,004 days ago)

Dr. Zobel has been my eye dr for many years , I think I was in my late 20's now I'm in my late 60"s. He is the only optometrist I trust, when my ins. changed I had to go see other dr's and they would never give me the right prescription no matter how many times I went back. I will never go to another dr as long as he is around..Don't retire Dr Zobel you are the best" Helen A

(Helen A., 1,692 days ago)

Office is clean and well kept. Staff is friendly and Dr Zobel runs on time. I am very happy and satisfied with my visit.

(Anonymous, 1,802 days ago)

I just had my first exam with Dr. Zobel. Dr. Zobel is very knowledgable and performed a complete exam. His bedside manner is excellent and his staff is also very knowledgeable and friendly. What a rare find.

(Steve M., 1,881 days ago)

The staff is friendly and Dr Zobel is very efficent. I will definitely be a returning patient!!

(Anonymous, 1,952 days ago)

I've been seeing Dr. Zobel since I was a teenager. Staff is efficient, they almost always run on time. Dr. Zobel has guided me through my vision changes, and I trust his advice. --Bill

(Anonymous, 2,645 days ago)

I was in your office on 8/14 for exam by Dr. Zobel. My cornea was slightly scratched. The office personnel charged me $35.00 for the visit and treatment. Upon checking my Pres. Senior Plan #1, I should have only been charged $30.00 for In Plan visit. This has happened in the past as well.

(Anonymous, 1,463 days ago)

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