Introducing UNITY® Performance Optics 


UNITY® Performance Optics products represent the continued dedication of VSP Optics Group to our customers' profitability and success and to their patients' well-being-offering the latest technology, ease of use, and value without compromise.

The premium line of anti-reflective coatings, progressive lens solutions, new versatile computer vision lenses, and use of the latest technology in precision freeform single vision lens processing provide solutions that will elevate your vision.

UNITY Progressive Lenses

Your simple, easy-to-dispense solution delivering high-end quality and technology at a competitive price. UNITY Progressive Lenses include UNITY PLx, PLxtra, PLxtreme and now PLxpression with Cascade Technology.

UNITY Single Vision Lenses

The latest technology in precision freeform single vision lens processing in a wide range of materials. You have three simple solutions for your single vision lens wearers, with UNITY SVxtra, SVx, and SVxtreme.

UNITY Computer Vision Lenses

In today's increasingly technology driven society, there's a greater need for lenses that meet the needs of computer, tablet, and smartphone users. You now have a single solution with UNITY CVx Computer Vision lenses to offer your patients.

UNITY Performance Coatings

Reliable, premium line of anti-reflective coatings with the value and choice of materials you and your patients expect.


 Unity Lenses Now Availible In BluTech

BluTech Lenses filter harmful blue light that can lead to retinal damage, and offer:

  • Improved visual acuity and night vision
  • Better depth and color perception
  • Protection against UV rays and high-energy blue light
  • Improved contrast and reduced glare
  • High impact resistant

BluTech Lenses are now availible in:

  • UNITY PLxtra, PLxtreme and PLx Progressive Lenses
  • UNITY SVxtra, SVxtreme and SVx Single Vision Lenses
  • UNITY CVx Computer Vision Lenses


Infused with natural melanin and ocular lens pigment, indoor BluTech lenses protect the eyes from harmful high-energy blue light radiated by fluorescent and CFL light bulbs, computer screens, tablets, smart phones, and televisions. These lenses have a slight tint but maintain color integrity.


Polarized with 80% light absorption provides advanced protection from the sun's UV rays and harmful high-energy blue light - the kind that contributes to increased visual deterioration from the macular degeneration. Outdoor lenses maintain color integrity.